Innovative Sand



Our main aim is to contribute to a world in which well-being is promoted on a broad scale.

We want to achieve this on a basis of mutual respect and cooperation.

The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) “has developed a working definition of a ‘green economy’ as one that results in improved human well-being and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities”.
Our objective is in accordance with all of these aspects. Using solar power to transmute desert sand into different kinds of constructing materials, enables countries with deserts to participate at an innovative economic development. Producing their own ‘green’ construction materials is a win-win project with the potential to help close the North-South divide.





One small jump for a quantum particle, one giant leap for mankind.

In our everyday lives we often have a sense that mankind’s progress is linear and somehow predictable. But looking closer, we see many ‘minor’ turning points that have opened up whole new chapters in the great story.

We believe that we are furthering a dynamic process that is evolving in multiple ways. Cooperation



letters patent

Holder of letters patent DE 10 2014 006 942 A method for producing crushed sand by means of thermal treatment using desert sand as the starting material, wherein the starting material is melted through the bundling of solar rays. International Patent phase PCT|DE2015|000238, furthermore registration in 68 countries.



business activities


Research and development of methods and materials in accordance with the letters patent

Distribution and licensing of manufacturing devices and facilities


USP and customers benefit


Production facility close to construction area

Substantial contribution to environmental protection

·       100% regenerative energy supply (solar heat and photovoltaics)

·       no CO2 emissions to gain building sand (cf. dredging, transport, desalination)

·       measures to combat desertification




Gradual replacement of maritime sand extraction

Technology transfer to other industrial sectors, especially brickmaking, glass tile manufacture